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WOODTECH Cabinet Specialists Inc. Limited Warranty
Warranty: Woodtech Cabinet Specialists, Inc. warrants to the original purchaser on new cabinet products the following, for a one-year period.  Woodtech Cabinet Specialists, Inc.'s cabinetry will be free from defects in material, workmanship, finish, and hardware under normal use during the one-year warranted period.
The warranted period begins after a filed notice of completion, or when the project is signed-off by the purchaser, or when Woodtech Cabinet Specialists, Inc.'s products become in use (whichever comes first).  The warranted period ends exactly one year to the date after enactment.
As part of our continued loyalty, a Lifetime Limited Warranty will be extended to the original purchaser on all door hinges and drawer slides.  This warranty maintains that the hardware provided will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use.  This warranty covers parts only, not labor - Replacement parts are subject to supplier availability.
Terms of Service: While under Woodtech Cabinet Specialists, Inc.'s warranted period, in order to make a claim, the purchaser is required to submit in writing a list of all items in need of repair.  With this in mind, we have provided a Warranty Service Requisition form to aid in convenience and timeliness.  In addition, there will be an allowance for postal mishaps by honoring a Warranty Service Requisition postmarked within 10 days of the warranted expiration date.
For service beyond the warranted period, or non-warranty issues, please contact Woodtech Cabinet Specialists, Inc. directly at 805-544-4828.  Non-warranty service calls are billed using T&M (time and material) practices - The current service rate is $65.00 per hour plus material costs.
Care and Maintenance: Proper care and maintenance is essential to sustaining the beauty of Woodtech Cabinet Specialists, Inc.'s cabinetry.  Improper care such as non-recommended cleaners, overloaded drawers, and trash pullouts, etc. can cause damage and void the warranty.  For proper care, refer to the Care and Maintenance page.
It is important to note that as a natural material, all woods have natural color variations and inherent characteristics unique to each species - These variations exhibit the woods natural beauty, and are not considered defects.  Each wood type and their variations can be affected by a variety of factors, such as lighting, moisture, and age.  For example, the darkening or lightening of wood is common, and can be expected - It is generally caused by direct, or indirect lighting, and is considered to be part of the natural aging process.  In addition, moisture and humidity control the expansion and contraction of all wood. For this purpose, it is important to protect your Woodtech Cabinet Specialists, Inc. products from the harmful effects of weather and excessive moisture.  Under normal circumstances, wood stabilization, or EMC (Equilibrium Moisture Content) should be reached in just a few weeks allowing your cabinetry to maintain its beauty for years to come.
We are ready to provide service, and help with any questions.


William L. Breneman Jr.
Woodtech Cabinet Specialists Inc.